Essential Tips when traveling to and from Mexico City

Mexico City, a massive city that feels like a tiny country in itself. With culture, art, history and national tradition, it has become the go-to place for international travelers. It’s easy to see why, first time travelers become frequent visitors and even, sometimes, become residents. It takes one trip to the city to fall in love with its momentum, its people and the rich culture reflected on every corner of CDMX.

Getting to and from Mexico City takes a bit of planning and preparation, while smaller cities or towns are a simple come and go scenario. There are a few things you must consider and take into account before coming, so it’s a good thing we’ve got you covered with our essential tips for the best trip to this amazing City. If you are already here, they will also be of much use.

1. Weather

Preparing or dressing for unpredictable weather can be tricky, during the summer months, Mexico City wakes up to cold weather that can quickly turn hot if the sky is clear, and cold again if it starts to pour in the evening. Summer months in Mexico City mean rainy season, so take your precautions and do invest in a good sturdy umbrella, and rainboots! To make sure your outfits cover the changes in temperature throughout the day, wear layers that you can easily play around with

2. Getting around the city and traffic

Uber and the metro are a great option to move around, the city has scooters and eco bikes all over the place so you can take and leave them wherever you would like. Scooters are a fun way to get to your destination and they fit practically anywhere. If you are planning on using Uber, we recommend you get a SIM card at the airport so you don’t pay extra roaming charges. As for traffic, you will quickly learn that rush hour means stuck hour. Traffic can get heavy in the morning and evening, typically from 8:00 AM to around 10:00 AM and again at 6:00 PM to around 8:00 PM. We highly recommend you plan your day and transport around those times. 

3. Currencies

Make sure you get enough cash at the ATM so you don’t have to go back. Even though most establishments accept all cards, cash is still king in CDMX. You will go through it fast if you are exploring the city, its street food and markets. With $3,000 MXN you will very likely have more than enough, that is around $150 USD. 

4. Food, museums and cultural visits

Please do try the street food, you will find the tastiest and downright best Mexican food on food trucks. Also, do not miss the vast array of restaurants to try, Mexico City is filled with top tier national and international restaurants. In terms of museums, cultural and archeological sites, decide on what places you want to visit, making sure you have the times, costs and exact locations. You can also get to know different parts of the city by Turibus, the Mexican version of the red double decker London bus. 

5. Travel Insurance and security

Remember to always have international travel insurance, this is important no matter where you go. If something where to happen, Mexico has good health care, but it is not cheap, so your insurance will have you covered. The good news is that medicine is somewhat inexpensive. In terms of personal security, Mexico City is a safe city especially for foreigners, but we do advise to always be mindful of your surroundings, your wallets and bags. Also, be sure to check with our concierge at FlowSuites which areas are safer than others. We recommend you steer clear of local street taxis and opt for Uber, metro, bikes, buses and scooters. Avoid isolated and dark areas at night especially if you are travelling or wandering the city alone, nothing out of the ordinary when walking in a new city. 

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