Tacos al pastor, three delicious places to try them

The taco al pastor is probably one of the most famous dishes in Mexico City (and probably in the whole country). It is THE taco and if you come to visit you simply can’t leave without trying some authentic chilango tacos al pastor. It will be one of the best culinary experiences of your entire trip.

And although it is a dish that makes the whole country proud, it is not a recipe that was born in Mexico like mole or chiles en nogada. The mixture of seasoning and ingredients comes from Asia and Europe. It has Turkish and Lebanese roots that have been modified to catch that unique flavor of the classic taco pastor. Pork is seasoned with achiote, the ingredient that gives it its characteristic reddish color.

The recipe has been perfected with time and now each taquería has its own seasoning that is the result of variations in the marinade. Although there are not two tacos al pastor that are the same, they all have that delicious flavor that becomes unforgettable when combined with tortilla, onion, coriander and pineapple. At FlowSuites we found three establishments where you can try the most delicious tacos al pastor when you are in Mexico City.

El Vilsito

Car repair shop by day, taqueria by night. El Vilsito has gained international fame because it was one of the main taquerías in the Netflix documentary The Chronicles of the Taco. And its fame is well deserved, they have more than 25 years of experience and some of the most flavorful tacos in Mexico City. When the car repair shop closes its doors, the taqueria receives all the hungry diners. It is a place with bar chairs and few tables, but if you run out of place you can stand by the flaming meat in order to live the full experience.

After eating some tacos al pastor, we recommend you try the gringa, a classic delight of the Vilsito.

Photo: Chilango

Where? On Av. Universidad and Peten, Colonia Narvarte. A 35-minute walk from FlowSuites WTC.

When? Monday through Thursday: 20 to 3 hrs. / Fridays and Saturdays: 20 to 5hrs. / Sundays: 16 to 12 hrs.

El Califa

If eating while standing is not your thing and you prefer to see how they prepare your tacos from a table, with air conditioning, internet and valet parking service, you have to go to El Califa. It´s a taqueria that has all the flavor of good tacos, very fast service, very generous portions, delicious sauces and all the comfort of a formal restaurant. Their tacos al pastor are exquisite and you can also try practically any other you want: ribs, steak, inside pita bread, gringas, volcanes, cheese chicharrón and more. An important stop for anyone who wishes to enter the culinary universe of tacos in Mexico.

Photo: Dónde ir

Where? This is the best part, they have branches all over Mexico City:

Condesa (8 minutes walk from FlowSuites Condesa), Pedregal, Bosques, La Roma, Palmas, Interlomas, Satellite, Universidad, Polanco (20 minutes walk from FlowSuites Polanco), Reforma, Santa Fe and Perisur.

When? They open every day from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning.

Taqueria Orinoco

A taqueria that emerged from the northern part of the country and later arrived in Mexico City with its delicious tacos. In a small restaurant in La Roma, the lines of people reach the sidewalk, everybody wants to try their pastor, beef and northern chicharrón tacos. Before sitting at the table or bar you have to pay at the cashier, their menu has few items so people come and go fast. We recommend the tacos al pastor and the chicharrón tacos that are a real treat. Also try the hibiscus drink (agua de Jamaica) with guava. Although the line is long, it goes by very fast because of the speed of its service, so do not be frightened by a few people waiting outside.

Photo: Dónde ir

Where? Insurgentes Sur 253, Col. Roma Norte, a15-minute walk from FlowSuites Condesa.

When? They open every day from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning, Friday and Saturday until 5.