The best Spas in Mexico City

Because you deserve it, it’s time to pamper yourself with a massage, a facial or whatever you are in the mood for. In Mexico City there are Spas that will indulge your every need from facials and massages to body treatments and even manicures and pedicures. Keep reading and visit them all. 


If you don’t feel like leaving your hotel, you’re in luck, at FlowSuites we have an exclusive and super-equipped SPA. You can book with a simple call. We offer massages, sauna and steam services. Without leaving the comfort of your hotel you can relax with a well-deserved massage. We recommend you book in advance and check our prices. 


Another very practical option is Scape. It is an application that you download on your cell phone and it works as a service for massage therapists and beauty specialists that come to your door. All you have to do is choose the service you want: facial, relaxing massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue or sports massages and a specialist will arrive at your address in a maximum of three hours. They offer 60, 90 and 120 minute massages and specialists bring all their tools with them, including the massage bed. You can choose the gender of your masseuse, an individual or couple massage and even schedule the massage days in advance.  60 min massage: 890 pesos. 90 min 1,290 pesos and 120 min 1,590 pesos.

Dharma SPA

They have two branches, one in San Ángel and the other in Nápoles, very close to FlowSuites WTC and offer a wide variety of services. In Dharma you can do massages, facials, wraps and exfoliations.. It is a cozy, very private SPA and all its specialists are certified to give your body the attention, care and restoration it needs. They are open Monday through Sunday until 9 p.m. and you can book online for any service. If what you are looking for is to spend a special moment to recover without worrying about crowds, you are in luck. Dharma is a quiet and peaceful place where you will surely find the rest you are looking for. You can book online on their page or call any of their branches. Their prices are very accessible ranging from 1,700 pesos for a two-hour massage up to 7,000 pesos for a package for two people lasting 4 hours. 

Hela Spa

In Santa Fe you’ll find one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City in Hela Spa. It is a Spa that has treatments to spoil even the busiest person. It is perfect for clients who are looking for an entire experience, their massage therapists use Nordic techniques and deep cleansing facials with very advanced oxygenation techniques. They have packages for brides, express massage services, jacuzzi, steam and beauty procedures and are even affiliated with Wellness for Cancer, an association that focuses on massage therapy for people who have or have had cancer. They are very professional and exclusive, it is a perfect Spa to share a massage in a couple cabin to celebrate an anniversary or simply an escape from everyday life.  Hela Spa has another branch in Polanco and you can check their prices, treatments and amenities on their website.

Do not hesitate and stay with us at FlowSuites. We are in Polanco, Condesa and WTC, surely one of our locations will be perfect for your plans. Look for offers and promotions on our website or write by WhatsApp at +52 1 55 7989 3074. We’ll be happy to help you.