Four restaurants where we already feel confident to go for a drink

Some bars and restaurants just opened, and we cannot stop thinking about how much we want to go for a cocktail under the sun. We have a small list that we want to share with you showing our favorite places in the most urban areas of Mexico City.

These places are already offering service with all the hygiene measures you need to be safe, so all you need to do is enjoy an outdoor table and order your favorite herbal drink. Here are some choices that we personally love.


Fairchild is the perfect place to enjoy tropical food and drink. Its terrace in Polanco is one of the most pleasant places to enjoy good company and try some botanical cocktails. They have seasonal drinks depending on the fruits and herbs that are available, as well as food inspired by Mexico and the world. They also feature vegan options and a musical atmosphere you won’t see anywhere else.


If you like to sit and enjoy a little bit of sunshine, Parnita is the ideal place to order a good mezcal and see some life on the streets again. This restaurant serves delicacies such as creamed spinach and salads with nuts and cheese. Its atmosphere is one of the best in Colonia Roma and is filled with a relaxed vibe. We recommend you try the carajillo.


If you love oriental culture, this Japanese restaurant bar offers a variety of drinks that will change your routine. San-Tō is located in the Roma district and is a great place to try Sake, imported beers or specialty drinks like Roku Gin, Hibiki Japanese Whisky or Toki Japanese Whisky. Its concept is very similar to what we know in Mexico: fast and casual, with small meals and appealing appetizers in every part of the menu. We recommend you try the edamames, truffles, salmon and niguiris. 

Café Toscano Polanco

This restaurant bar has a contemporary and Italian concept that made us fall in love. If you haven’t heard of it, we assure you that you won’t want to let go once you’ve tasted your first glass of wine. It is a great place to have some chilaquiles with eggs for breakfast, or finish the afternoon with a couple of friends eating a Serrano ham pizza. Its cocktail menu plays with herbal flavors, fruits and honey.