Mexican bakeries that we love for their great taste and history

It is very Mexican to wake up in the morning and dip our favorite bread into a latte. Bakeries have always existed, and it is a tradition that our grandparents inherited from us when we went on a Sunday morning in search of the best cinnamon roll or the tastiest garibaldi. We are discovering more and more places that we love because, despite being new, they preserve a local concept that is perfect for us.

Today we want to share with you a tour of our favorite places to have a delicious hot chocolate bread for breakfast and enjoy a tour of the city.

 Concha y Nata: a bakery that offers tamale cakes and breakfast

On Colima Street, close to Insurgentes Avenue, is this small family business that opened during the pandemic to offer a very friendly service. Its menu consists of traditional breads such as conchas, peinetas, cuernitos and walnut rolls. Its motto is “Mexican, rich, filling and fast”, thought specially for those who are already on their way to work and want to eat something fast and delicious, although you can also come in and sit down and relax and enjoy it. You can also order the famous cactus, mushrooms and chicharrón (pork rinds) sandwich; or order some delicious chilaquiles with coffee and juice. We recommend you sit at the bar overlooking the street and watch what is happening in the city with all the time in the world.

Address: Colima 268, Colonia Roma.

García Madero

The story of this bakery began with Ismael, a boy who studied law but started baking bread as a hobby until it became his real passion. The specialty here is freshly baked conchas which, since 6 a.m., fill the Colonia Condesa with their smell. The place is quite simple, and its service model is for take-out, but we love to see the trays of bread decorating the place and giving away their exquisite aroma. The best way to start your day is with the chapatas with honey and blueberries, conchas with pieces of almonds or the orejas with bits of chocolate. We invite you to discover its open kitchen and enjoy Ismael’s excellent service, and then go for a walk in Parque Mexico, where you can savor your bread.

Address: 64 Vicente Suarez Avenue, Colonia Condesa.


Rosetta has become, par excellence, the most sought-after bakery in recent years by the capital’s society. Located in a large house in Colonia Roma, it has become famous for its exquisite guava roll. Its menu is divided into three parts: one for sweet and salty bread, one for food and one for drinks. Early risers start to line up at 7 a.m. to enjoy the first breads that come out of the oven. Its rustic architecture makes it the perfect spot for sitting at the bar and enjoying a cozy chat. This year they opened a new branch on the street of Puebla with the same success. We believe it is the perfect place to visit and enjoy the houses and parks in the surrounding area. They also offer delivery service.

Address: Colima 166 y Puebla 242. Colonia Roma.