Meditations, exercises and other activities you can do at home to fulfill your new year’s resolutions

If the confinement brought out the worst habits in you, then all you need to do is see your home with different eyes. Let us remember that our home should be a mini sanctuary where we can feel safe to do whatever we want. Whether it is a Friday night pizza, or an online movie date, you need to create moments that make you feel good.

Now, one thing we also must do for ourselves is find the time to look for our physical and mental health. Spending more time at home may lead us to deviate a little from our routine and get into unhealthy habits. That is okay; but if your New Year’s resolution was to take care of yourself, then we think there are a couple of things you can do to improve in every way.

Slow down with meditation 

It is a myth to think that we need to know about Buddhism or another discipline to access meditation. Did you know that you meditate while bathing? This is because you are relaxed, and your mind is detached from work and worries. We believe that the first thing you must do if you want to change your habits is to meditate on why you want to make that change. You can do this at any time: light a candle, play your favorite music and close your eyes while having a conversation with yourself.
After a couple of days, you will feel in control of your actions and with enough energy to want to exercise or do some activity. 

Exercise at home

Without you having to become a fit person, a little exercise is good enough to generate serotonin and get you in a good mood. Whatever your body type is, moving will activate your senses and you will perform better. You can find a wide range of options, from a yoga class for beginners to dance and aerobics on YouTube with various levels of intensity.

Learn a YouTube choreography

Many people find enough inspiration in music to carry out their activities and learning to dance is a great way to feel good and get rid of stress. You can choose a song that you like and search for its choreography on YouTube so that you can learn it day by day. Think about it, when the dance floors reopen you will surprise your friends or partner with your new steps.

A schedule of activities

If you feel that every day during quarantine is the same, it may be time to put some excitement into your week. Try to create a schedule of activities, where every Friday or Saturday you do something new, like taking an online course or painting. You will see that you will feel excited as time goes by.

A day at the spa

After working out, it is time to relax again. One way to achieve this is to also take care of your skin, with an exfoliant or some clay that you can easily find in a supermarket. If you live with your partner, another great idea is to indulge each other with a couple of massages, that way you will both be ready to carry on with your routine with enough energy.