Five empowering and at the same time pampering spots in Mexico City

There are times when we feel we need to get out and breathe, and one thing we have learned in the last few months is that we can adapt and still allow ourselves time, space, and experiences that make us stronger.

As we celebrate this special month for women, we thought of something that could add up. We talked about spots that are already operating again and that we feel offer empowerment and peacefulness. If you were eager to explore a little of what’s new out there or just looking for good massages, we’ve got five empowering and pampering spots for you. Men are also invited!

Kickboxing Classes in Polanco

If you are over 18 and want to strengthen your mind and body, we recommend attending 9 Round, a gym in Polanco that offers kickboxing classes. There are also other types of classes available that will boost your spirits a bit; however, if you want to feel stronger, we highly recommend kickboxing.
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Spa Condesa by Nutrest 

With a familiar and minimalist concept, this place in the heart of the Condesa is perfect for giving you that much-needed pampering. Here you can unwind for a couple of hours and restore your energy to continue with your routine. Remember that taking care of yourself is another way to empower and, besides, on the way out, you can get a coffee or a drink with your favorite companion.
Their website for reservations is available here

Treat yourself to a day in a luxury hotel

We believe that you don’t need to be on vacation to enjoy an excellent hotel room. Have you ever thought of booking a weekend just for you? Enjoy clean sheets, forget about toiletries, take a nice bubble bath in the jacuzzi and end up having dinner in the room while watching your favorite movie.

Treat yourself to an escape that will undoubtedly pamper you from head to toe. Our recommendation? FlowSuites in Polanco, the perfect spot to end your weekend enjoying the surrounding stores and cafes.
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A restaurant with a terrace

Whether alone or with your partner, family, or friends, we believe it is time to enjoy the sunsets outdoors. We recommend you make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and enjoy an unparalleled evening between laughter and confessions; besides, eating out will always reward us with new experiences.

An amazing walk in the park

It may not seem like it, but parks sometimes provide us with magical moments that simply give us back a bit of tranquility. No matter where you are, there are surely beautiful parks nearby for you to read or just chat with your best friend.

If you have kids, this is the perfect time for everyone in your family to leave their troubles behind and just enjoy the view. We love Parque Mexico, located in La Condesa, Parque Lincoln in Polanco or Parque La Mexicana in Santa Fé.