The best tips for a successful spring cleaning

The blooming of the jacarandas always signals that spring is upon us again. The term “spring cleaning” is extremely popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, where purging what is no longer needed has become a tradition, mainly to keep the good energy flowing smoothly.

This blog aims to provide you with enough inspiration to do whatever you like most. That is why we want to share a couple of tips to help you have a successful spring cleaning this 2021.

The first thing to keep in mind for a real renovation is that cleaning is not a marathon. Plan the schedule; if the cleaning is at home instead of the office, get the whole family involved and take the time to select what stays and what does not.

To set the mood, you can play your favorite playlist. Remember that it is essential to clean by areas; otherwise, you may feel the cleaning is overwhelming. We recommend doing it during the day and opening the windows, allowing ventilation. Next, open drawers and closets and put aside what you have not used in a year; you will find that these items are unnecessary and make room for new things.

Another tip to get organized is to leave the winter clothes at the end of the drawer or closet, as you will not use them for a while, and it is much better to leave the spring and summer clothes more “on-hand.” The same applies to shoes and other accessories. Also, if you take out things you don’t need, you can sell them as second-hand items on social networks, or you can donate what you no longer want and help a family in need, as many foundations are supporting this cause.

When everything is in its place, it’s time for deep cleaning. Remember that it’s not just about tidying up. Try to use “eco” products, such as lemon, vinegar, salt, neutral soap, or baking soda: they do not pollute and are among the most effective for cleaning.

Finally, you can move your furniture around and get a nicer look for your chosen room. Some believe that this moves the energy around and allows things to flow in the best way.

We believe that the most important thing is that you take everything calmly; as we said, it is not a race, and it can take you a whole weekend if you think it is necessary. Spring cleaning should be a moment for yourself and should help you flow more positively; therefore, the space you inhabit should always be in sync with you.