The best dishes to order for delivery and pamper yourself.

There comes a time when, after cooking at home all week, our body cries out for a break from washing so many dishes. Surely by this point you already know some new restaurants that deliver pizzas, coffees or paninis. This week, we wish to change the menu and recommend these 4 restaurants that offer several options right at your doorstep.

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  • Pin-Tó: Thai food

This restaurant is the delicious project of chef Somsri Raksamran who, together with her husband, opened this new concept inspired by Thai street food. Pin-Tó is a sea of flavors in a single bite thanks to its variety of sauces and condiments ranging from sweet to spicy. We recommend you try the spring rolls, Bangkok wings, som tum and, of course, the Pad Thai, one of the most famous stews in Thailand.

Here is the link to their menu for ordering.

  • Gruta Ehden: Lebanese food

Meet what we believe to be the best Lebanese restaurant in Polanco. Gruta Ehden opened its doors in Mexico in 1976 under a family concept that follows homemade Lebanese recipes to the letter. Its menu consists of delicacies such as dry jocoque with zaatar, fried eggplant, beef shawarma, hummus and Arabic bread.

Click on this link to see their menu

  • Parnita: gourmet Mexican food

Parnita recently celebrated its tenth anniversary amid a global crisis, but this did not prevent them from adapting seamlessly to the delivery system. The Acra Family restaurant has exquisite dishes such as black sheep tacos, traveler burritos with avocado, dobladas with chile pasilla or their tacos in blue tortilla or pita bread. They also sell handcrafted ciders that will go perfect with your food.

See their entire menu on their Instagram page.

  • Por Siempre: vegan tacos

This taco place is the best option you’ll find in the city for people who don’t eat animal products, or for those who want to try something different. Por Siempre has become popular because its tacos have a flavor in disguise that tastes really good; the pastor is made of wheat, the suadero is made of soy and they have sides like potatoes, onions and nopales (cactus). These tacos will be delivered right to your door.

See their Instagram account here