Three great ideas for pampering mom in Mexico City

Mothers’ Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the anxiety of not knowing how to celebrate it. We think it’s time to treat your mom to a fancy meal or take her to the best bar in your neighborhood. Remember that the best thing you can do with her is to spend time with her and have fun, instead of leaving her to take care of the kitchen again.

Here are our three favorite ideas for you to go out and have a memorable day.

  • Zesta Punta – the perfect restaurant

This restaurant is the new spot in the city where chef Guy Santoro combines Spanish, French, and Mexican influences. The service is top-notch, and as soon as you arrive, you feel a friendly and pampering atmosphere. We are sure that Mexican mothers will enjoy specialties such as amuse bouche, sea bass with bean stew, spinach mousseline, or almond cake with vanilla ice cream on this special day.

Zesta Punta is located at Avenida de la República 17, and its consumption per person is approximately $700.

  • Las Brujas Bar

After lunch, it may be time to walk around Colonia Roma and enjoy some outdoor activities. Street musicians and flower vendors abound, so you can buy a small bouquet of gardenias for your mom while you’re at it.

Next, you can enjoy Bar Las Brujas, which is located next to Rio de Janeiro Park. The interesting fact about this bar is that it is run by women, meaning that you will feel a feminine and familiar atmosphere. The specialties offered at this bar are herbal drinks, combining flowers, herbs, and spices in your favorite cocktail. Our favorite is the yellow witch, which has yellow lemon, marigold syrup, and mezcal.

The bar is located at Rio de Janeiro 56.

  • Home Concert

Your mom probably has a favorite artist or musical group that she never fails to mention. To end the day, you can adapt the living room, light a couple of candles, and put on the TV the concert she likes the most. Watching concerts at home has become a very nice dynamic since you can pour their favorite drink and comment at ease about how much you love music. Plus, this gift is quite inexpensive. You can also serve cheese or cold meats on a plate and enjoy.