Our selection of must-see places in Mexico City this time of year

We are in spring, one of our favorite seasons to enjoy the cultural events in Mexico City. For those of you who don’t know, the museums have many exhibitions during this season as it is considered the best time to enjoy art and musical events.

Get ready for our selection of must-see events to enjoy during this time of the year, but not before reminding you that, due to the pandemic, each place has sanitation measures and controlled capacity for your safety.

1. Object to be desired 

Claudia Doring-Baez, from the United States, and Stuart Sandford, from the United Kingdom are hosting an exhibition in the Colonia Roma that will feature physical elements that rethink what art is. The exhibition will be open to the public until June 4. Featuring polaroid collages and oil paintings, Object to be desired is one of our favorite exhibitions to see this season.

Where: ALMANAQUE Fotográfica, Colonia Roma.

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2. Crossing Geographies

For those who love dramatic works, this monologue will be on stage until May 30 and will address the topic of migration and how this feeling of exile and dispossession affects us human beings:

“A man abandoned by his people and a bird that first stalks him and then accompanies him, meet in a time and space that could easily fit within the history of mankind, but which resonates with the current situation of migrants in the world.”

Tickets are $120 and can be purchased online or on the day of the event.

Where: Tlalpan 79.

3.  Fury and Poetry

Moving on with our artistic tour, on this occasion, you will be able to enjoy an exhibition that will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Atelier Romo. It is a workshop that has seen many generations of young artists through different expressions such as painting, sculpture, and photography. In this gallery, you will find a special anniversary edition that will feature the best pieces known so far. The exhibition will be available until June 13, and the ticket costs only $25.

Where: ARTZ Pedregal, Periférico Sur.

4.  Candlelight – Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons

Finally, we want you to learn about this musical event that promises to be one of the best experiences this year. Candlelight is a concept that unites live classical music with the best candlelight atmosphere. On this occasion, a quartet will perform Vivaldi’s seasons in a magical place that will be slightly illuminated with candles. This concert is ideal for enjoying together with friends or as a couple to celebrate any special occasion.

Where: Nacional Monte de Piedad Building.