Long-awaited concerts in Mexico City

The most exciting news regarding the return of our old life is that the concerts are back on the bill again. Thanks to the wait, event calendars are getting fuller and fuller, and it’s time to enjoy shows the way we used to.  Let’s go back to nostalgia and scream at the top of our lungs with the list of events we have prepared for you.

This time we have a personal selection of the concerts that will take place in Mexico City. We are sharing it so you can plan your trip should you be coming from other states of the country or abroad.

  • Odisseo at the Pepsi Center

Odisseo is a Mexican rock band officially formed in early 2010. Their music specializes in triggering the feelings of all of those who consider themselves “die-hard romantics.” On June 5th, they will be performing at the Pepsi Center WTC, in a night where the hits “Los imanes” and “Días de Fuego” will be the highlights of the night. If you like rock, this night is perfect for you.

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  • A-HA at the Auditorio Nacional

The international band that brought the worldwide hit “Take on me” to fame will finally come to Mexico for a night full of eighties nostalgia. If dancing and synthesizers are your things, you won’t want to miss this great event. The date will be August 11 at the Auditorio Nacional, located in Polanco V section.

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  • Willie Colón at the National Auditorium

And for those who are salsa fans, the same venue will host an unforgettable night full of surprises. Willie Colón will perform on June 18 and will sing all the hits we already know. An evening that will be full of emotion, ideal for you to go with your favorite dance partner.

  • Polanco Jazz Festival

Finally, we have a special suggestion: one of our favorite festivals. The Polanco Jazz Festival is an event that has brought together the best jazz performers from around the world in one place. It will take place on June 12 at the Angela Peralta Theater. We highly recommend it, as it is an event you can enjoy with your family or partner.

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