Father’s Day: because they also deserve a break

It’s crazy to think about what gift to buy for our fathers because, since we are young, we see them as beings who “have it all.” However, the reality could not be further from the truth. We must keep in mind that our beloved dads, as wise as they may be, are also human beings who need to be reminded of how much we love them.  

This week we wanted to think of something perfect for our parents to have the best celebration. We planned a whole day and came up with our favorite ideas, so you can get inspired and treat them with what they need the most: time and affection. 

Let us start with appearance. We know that more and more men are concerned about their physique. However, dads may forget that they should also treat themselves to a little pampering from time to time because of work or family. We suggest starting the day with a visit to La Logia, one of the most popular and manly barbershops in La Condesa. This place is perfect for any man who wants a new look or just a moment of relaxation. Plus, they sell gift packages that your dad will definitely love.

After the grooming, it’s time to eat something delicious. We know that dads love to eat, that’s why we recommend Cambalache, one of the best Argentinean grills we have ever known. Our favorite branch is in Polanco and has the best cuts of meat and empanadas. We suggest you try their suckling pig along with an excellent glass of red wine. 

In the evening, you can enjoy a drink on a terrace and watch the sunset. We suggest you read our previous articles to find suggestions on different terraces located in Polanco and Condesa where you can celebrate dads on their day.

Remember that all these gifts would be nothing without the love you can express to your dad. Hence, besides a day full of emotions, the most important thing is for you to be there and show him how much you care about his well-being.