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Are you going out with friends? These are our top picks for some fun!

There is nothing like a night full of laughter and fun with your girlfriends to get rid of unnecessary problems. There’s something magical about that female company! It is a great experience, and it allows us to get it out of our system and, at the same time, have the best experience. That is why we came up with this list of our favorite spots for an unforgettable night out, especially if all the guests are women.

Get ready for our top picks for a girl’s night out!

  • Belfiore – Polanco 

This restaurant is an elegant Trattoria with a relaxed atmosphere that will captivate you with its exquisite pastas. The tables have white tablecloths, a great contrast that makes you feel in Italy and ideal for a glamorous dinner. We recommend ordering their white wine and margherita pizza.

It is located in Polanco, on Masaryk Avenue.

  • La Puerta de Alcalá – Polanco 

La Puerta de Alcalá has become the favorite bar for many women in the last few years. It is a place to enjoy musical hits from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Good old times provide this place with a great atmosphere, with its karaoke and live music. Perfect for a girls’ night out.

  • Botellón – Condesa

Another of our favorite places is located on Tamaulipas Street. Botellón has been, for several years, a popular meeting point for friends, as its ambiance and music are perfect for an alternative night out. It has three floors, but we recommend the top terrace for a panoramic view of the Condesa. By the way, we suggest you make reservations in advance, as the place tends to fill up. 

  • Panadería Rosetta – La Roma 

If you are among those who prefer a relaxed afternoon, you will find Rosetta to be the ideal place for you. The bakery has the best guava roles we have ever tasted, plus their coffee is exceptional. The restaurant is small, but it has a pleasant atmosphere and soft music so you can chat with your friends.

It is located on Colima Street, in Roma Norte.

  • Deigo & Kaito – Del Valle

Finally, we want you to get out of your comfort zone and try the best Japanese restaurant in Mexico City. Deigo & Kaito is an elegant place full of exotic flavors, but it also offers fresh traditional drinks and a day full of new emotions. The place is perfect for an afternoon of catching up with your friends, plus it has an excellent atmosphere in which you will learn more about Japanese culture.

The restaurant is located on Pestalozzi Street, Col. Del Valle.