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Three important celebrations and cultural events you must experience when you travel to Mexico

We believe that one of the most incredible things about being Mexican is that we have so many celebrations a year. We just can’t get enough of the party. 

Important dates represent a legacy from our ancestors and an opportunity to spend time with the people close to us. If you are a person who is still not familiar with our culture, we think you will want to travel to Mexico during these dates to experience the majesty of our celebrations:

Day of the Dead – November 1 & 2

Very few people have not heard of our famous Day of the Dead. This date is perhaps the one that draws the most attention from travelers because it is a solemn time of year, but with traditions throughout the country. The influence of the Aztec empire can still be felt in different Mexican festivities and traditions, and their respect and love for those who have passed away created the modern Day of the Dead tradition.  We believe that the dead are still among us, and the city is filled with marigold flowers and altars with photos of our deceased loved ones, accompanied by candles and offerings.

Paseo de la Reforma comes alive with the fantastic Day of the Dead parade, an event not to be missed if you visit Mexico City at this time of the year.

La Guelaguetza – Mid July.

The Guelaguetza is a celebration that takes place in the city of Oaxaca that began as a ritual performed for the gods in pre-Hispanic times. At dawn on the first Day of the Guelaguetza, the chirimiteros (music bands) play the mañanitas in various temples of Oaxaca. The local people take it as a signal to go to the emblematic Cerro del Fortin, where the whole celebration occurs. Nowadays, it is a celebration that lasts for days, with plenty of food and drinks and activities for all ages.

Las Posadas – Mid to late December

Spending Christmas in another country is lovely, especially if it is like in Mexico where, in addition to the traditional dinner, we enjoy previous celebrations such as the posadas.

The posadas are a series of festivities that have been held in Mexico since colonial times. The Posadas represent the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary on their way to Bethlehem. They are religious in nature, but for those who want to enjoy the party, the guava punch, the traditional piñata and the romeritos are the perfect combination for an enjoyable time.