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When to start Christmas shopping?

We know that the holiday mood is already building, the change in the weather is in the air, weekend traffic seems to be heavier, and store windows are already displaying their iconic green and red. We are only a month away from celebrating many people’s favorite holiday, but we have to accept that our urban personality tends to lead us to shop at the last minute. So when is the best time to start your holiday shopping?

Honestly, we think there is no perfect date to go shopping, mainly because not everyone has the same disposition and available time. If you usually take care of your money, surely the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season (late November) is perfect for you. Of course, there are disadvantages due to the high demand and overcrowding of people in stores. Therefore, it all depends on your personality. If you have the patience to wait in line, go ahead and anticipate as early as November; but if you prefer to take your time, you might be better off doing otherwise. 

You may not know it, but there are certain days to find more affordable prices; in fact, the brands and stores themselves usually launch their promotions, and they typically take place in December. The best advice we can give you is to contact the store directly or check the official website; you will have much more time to select the gifts. Customer service often provides this sort of information.

Another issue to consider is the originality of your gifts; for example, there are bazaars specialized in the Christmas season that contain unique items at a reasonable cost. Also, since most things are for children, you can find thousands of original ideas for buying something special for them, such as a vintage dollhouse or a bicycle.

The sooner you make your purchase, the better, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Otherwise, you risk buying something that the person may not like or finding high prices if you shop at the last minute. Lastly, we think making a list is an excellent strategy to speed up your shopping and find something nice.

Nowadays there are thousands of options to do your shopping: big stores, markets, bazaars, independent stores or, if you prefer, you can always do your shopping online.

If you are in Mexico City, we highly suggest you visit the historic center. It is an area where you will find stores and all kinds of gift options; you can also visit some tourist attractions such as the Zocalo, Bellas Artes, the Citadel, or the Templo Mayor.