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The best places for Valentine’s Day

If you want to make this year’s Valentine Day unique, we have got a list of elegant dinners, romantic activities and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that will surely make you want to take the selfie of a lifetime.

A movie night at a drive-in movie theater

Why not go for the classics: a date at a drive-in movie theater, the kind of place that may look vintage but will never go out of style. Movies for the season are usually romantic, which will give you the inspiration you need for showing love to your special someone or for having a date with friends and turning the evening up a notch.

The romantic dinner in a hotel

Nothing better than enjoying the elegance of the city hotels and the service of the waiters in an unforgettable evening. Recreate the scene of a favorite series and have a perfect culinary experience, accompanied by a bottle of champagne and the music that will take you back to the beautiful era of romanticism. Also, how about getting out of your routine and spending a night at a hotel? At FlowSuites, we have the ideal setting to be alone with your partner. Have you already seen our beautiful facilities?

Picnic in Chapultepec Forest

This magnificent forest is the best outdoor option if you are looking for an outdoor Valentine’s Day activity. Its trees will embrace you while you enjoy the view of the lake. The park is quite big, so you will be able to find the ideal spot to bring the bottle of wine, the food and maybe some cheeses as a starter. Some love the beauty of simple arrangements.

The best view of the city

Mexico City will always boast extraordinary views, and what better than declaring your love at the observation deck of the Torre Latinoamericana. This building is one of the most emblematic of the city center and has an observation deck located on the 44th floor from where you can enjoy the best sunset views in the city. There is also a restaurant and cafeteria to enjoy something warm and delicious before ending the day.

Drama in the theater

Hardly anyone thinks about the theater anymore when it comes to making a good impression. Still, the truth is that a good theater play can make you feel hundreds of emotions; besides, watching people acting in a more intimate space will always be better than watching a movie in a conventional movie theater. We suggest checking the calendar of events around your area, as we are sure you will find some fantastic shows.