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Everything is better in pairs

Whether you love to travel or enjoy watching movies, if there’s something we can be sure of, it’s that we all enjoy sharing what we love with someone, whoever it may be. The joy of laughing or talking about your most profound issues with that special person usually has an energizing effect; moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to create bonds that will last a lifetime

What is the thing you like to do the most? Can you imagine doing it with your partner? Every time we think of activities with our date, an endless number of things come to mind, from going for a coffee or some churros in Coyoacán, to taking a trip to Paris. Well, if we’re talking about having a good time, here are some ideas that you might not have considered

To begin with, we need to think about our lifestyle: do we love adventure, or are we the stay-at-home type? Either way, there is always an option. For those on a budget and those who want to experience a different kind of weekend, we suggest a weekend in an elegant hotel near the city’s most touristy spots. It sounds like a joke, but even while living in Mexico City, many of us have not taken the time to visit the most popular sites in the historic center, nor have we walked through the most popular parks. Staying in a hotel for the weekend is perfect because not only do we feel a break from the routine, but we are pampered with a clean room and amenities such as swimming pools and bars.

Another “ordinary” but entertaining activity is to find a bar or restaurant with the best view of the city. You will experience a change of perspective and get to enjoy great drinks or taste new dishes. Hotels, including ours, have this option for those who only want to spend a lovely afternoon watching the sunset.

If we can picture a different kind of daily activity, we will always choose a visit to a magical town, and in Mexico, there are plenty of them. There is nothing better than walking the streets, meeting the people, tasting a local mezcal, and ending up in a restaurant listening to regional music. As always, options vary depending on your tastes. You can create a list of your favorite places with your partner and choose one to visit first, so get creative!

We believe that the experience goes beyond simply going to a specific place; planning it with your partner also brings many ideas. It all starts with the desire to share something, and the rest may already be extra since nothing is more important than enjoying with the person you love.