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The best spots in the city to see jacaranda trees

Mexico City’s springtime is characterized by its purple jacaranda trees. This massive floral display always surprises visitors from abroad because of its color and joyfulness

Jacaranda mimosifolia is the scientific name for the jacaranda tree, native to Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina. They were introduced to the country by the Japanese gardener Tatsugoro Matsumoto. Jacaranda trees are easy to care for and resist high pollution. They were perfect for embellishing the urban streets of the capital.

Below is a list of the best spots to see these beautiful trees should you visit Mexico City and would like to enjoy a floral background in your everyday life.

Nicolás San Juan, Col del Valle Centro

In the heart of Colonia del Valle (very close to our hotel in WTC), you will find quite an extensive collection of jacaranda trees. This neighborhood is a favorite place for many who wish to take a long walk, listen to music, and walk their pets. What better way to do this than with a path of flowers along the way?

Parque México, Condesa

If you plan to go out and socialize, there is no doubt that Condesa has the best bars and cafes in the area. We highly recommend you visit the parks and corners where these flowers fall. We guarantee that they will give you a movie-like perspective while you sip your favorite drink. If you are visiting the capital city for the first time, staying in our hotel in Condesa will undoubtedly be the perfect place to stay for a memorable experience

Bosque de Chapultepec

This is where we have found the highest concentration of jacaranda trees. Within its expanse of green, the forest is also tinged with purple and leaves a natural tablecloth that, we believe, is perfect for lying down to read a book and have a picnic with your friends. The forest is one of our favorite places to learn about Mexico’s history and get away from it all while you are on vacation.

Alameda Central, Bellas Artes

Finally, an exceptional place for those who love to take pictures and enjoy art. Next to the Palace of Fine Arts is a bohemian walkway with many activities to enjoy. The good thing is that different trees, including the famous jacarandas, provide excellent shade from the sun. We highly recommend you visit the current exhibition in the palace since few buildings offer such dazzling architecture.