Experiences that you have to enjoy in Mexico City

In Mexico City not everything is restaurants, architecture, museums and monuments. There are some experiences that lead tourists to transcend everyday life. Get carried away by these incredible recommendations by expert locals and enjoy the best that this city has to offer for the most intrepid tourists. 

As in any other big city, if you stop for a moment to observe, you will find experiences for every taste and type of tourist. Of course, your safety and comfort are always a priority. If you want something other than a massage or an exercise class, on this list you will surely find an experience that you’ll like. We promise that including any of these activities on your trip will make it even more unforgettable. Keep reading and if you have time, try them all!

Cooking class with Chef Ana Martorell

Chef Ana Martorell discovered her passion for cooking and with her namesake brand she decided to share it with the world through culinary experiences. Her brand offers catering, gourmet products and utensils, but it’s most sought after for its amazing group cooking classes. In her gastronomic laboratory she teaches workshops and hosts events in which he intends to bring out the chef we all have inside. Guests at the workshop enjoy a pleasant time. Ingredients of the highest quality are used and she always tries to make each experience unique and enjoyable. It is perfect for organizing an event with your friends or to join one to learn and meet new people. Although the dishes are gourmet, you will be surprised at how simple the chef makes them seem, she argues that cooking is much more than just following a recipe. This is definitely something different for a very original and delicious dinner. 

Book your experience: by e-mail, on their web page or look it up on their social networks. FB: Chef Ana Martorell. IG: @chefanamartorell

Sky High Dinner

Dinner in the Sky is a concept that began in Chicago and conquered the adventurous heart of locals and tourists. Since arriving in Mexico City it has been a sensation and tickets are sold out if you are not quick to book. The best chefs in the world have come to Mexico to prepare their dishes that are to be enjoyed 45 meters from the ground by the most intrepid people while enjoying a privileged view. Before, Dinner in the Sky was only available in Teotihuacán, but now you can also enjoy it at Campo Marte in Mexico City and it has four experiences: breakfast, sunset dinner, evening dinner and mixology. All with a four-course meal (except mixology).

Book your experience: on their page at their email: or call 55 4874 1182. Follow them in IG: @dinnerintheskymexico 

Enigma rooms

Are you a fan of mystery? You cannot miss Enigma Rooms in any of its eleven storylines. This entertainment concept arrived in Mexico with a bang. It consists of a game of clues, codes and skills that can be played in teams of two to six people. During approximately one hour they must communicate, use logic and common sense to decipher a series of puzzles that will allow them to reach the next room and so on until they escape. There are many concepts you have to solve: disable a bomb, recover an Aztec relic, use magic tricks or escape from a serial killer. It is one of the best rated experiences by tourists who visit it and it is a great place to have a fun time, stimulate creative thinking and communication with others. You can even personalize your experience for companies, parties or even marriage proposals! 

Book your experience: on their web page or write to They have three branches in Mexico City: Colonia Roma, Bosques and Coyoacán. Follow them on IG: @enigmarooms


Are you looking for something more artistic? WeArt is for you. No matter if you are a frustrated painter or if you have never touched a brush in your life, you will leave this experience with a work of art made entirely by you. WeArt is a two-hour painting class in a studio apartment overlooking the Angel of Independence in Reforma, the teachers are experienced painters who show you that you don’t have to be an expert to paint something truly artistic. The experience includes wine and snacks and is led by expert artists. They have different paintings depending on the day for you to choose from, they also have some to paint as a couple and they provide you with all the material so that you only worry about enjoying yourself. It is a perfect experience to spend a magical night in Mexico City right in one of the most important neighborhoods. 

Book your experience: on their web page or look for them in WhatsApp at 55 85531152. Follow them on IG at @ They also have a branch in Santa Fe. 

Secret Dinners

A gastronomic experience completely different from what you are used to. Forget about: going to a restaurant, listening to recommendations and eating your dishes. In secret dinners everything is the other way around. Candelilla 16 is a restaurant that calls itself the “anti-restaurant” because before they bring you your first dish you will hear a bell that indicates that you should cover your eyes with a mask. Only when you see absolutely nothing is when your first dish touches the table and you eat it without having any idea what is in front of you. A guide narrates the experience so that you do not feel so lost and without your sight, your smell, touch and taste sharpen so that you are much more aware of the flavors and textures that you are eating. When you finish the dish and listen to a bell again you already have permission to see the menu and discover if your senses led you correctly. The whole session is dedicated to exalting Mexican food, so they focus on native ingredients and recipes. This experience is for 20 lucky people and is done on weekends only, if you want to go, book promptly.

Book your experience: on their web page where you can learn more details about how to best enjoy it.

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