The best Christmas desserts in CDMX

Some of the sweetest gifts that the Christmas season brings are the delicious seasonal desserts that you can find throughout the city. Restaurants and bakeries compete to see who offers the best one to the public. Ready to try the most delicious one?

Who does not love to enjoy the winter with a good cup of hot chocolate and something sweet to compensate for the cold. Get ready, because Mexico City is an expert in its seasonal creations. Hang tight, because we’re about to tell you which Christmas desserts are the best ones and where to try them. 

Fruitcake from Maque

No Christmas is complete without the traditional fruitcake and Maque does not disappoint. This bakery-restaurant is famous for its great flavor and its exquisite sweet bread that is baked daily and sold fresh. Its ‘conchas’ and brownies are exceptional and at Christmas time they make the best fruitcake in the city. You can order the whole cake to take away or order a slice at the restaurant, the pieces of fruit are generous and full of flavor, it has nuts, cherry and quince jelly.

Find it at: Any one of its branches: Condesa, Polanco, Monte Líbano and Altavista.

Shake Shack Christmas Cookie Shake

Since Shake Shack arrived in Mexico it has been a sensation. Their delicious hamburgers with top quality ingredients are already a favorite to many, so much that they make kilometric lines to be able to eat there. Another attraction are its special desserts such as custards and milkshakes, there are even some for dogs! During the Christmas season they have a very special one: a Holiday Christmas Cookie Shake. It has frozen sugar cookie custard, whipped cream, shortcake cookie crumbles and Christmas sprinkles. Nothing better to accompany your French fries with cheese. Try it!

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Find it at: any one of its two branches Cuauhtémoc and Santa Fe.

Christmas cookies from Mielmesabe Bakery

This bakery is a newcomer in Mexico City and is already a success. Its handmade processes and fresh ingredients make this bread taste like love. Their recipes are not very elaborate, they focus on classic ingredients and that is exactly their secret. They have perfected their procedures so well that even the most classic recipe like red velvet or carrot cake will surprise you. You’ll love their cookies since they are their specialty, they change every day and they are always fresh out of the oven, they melt in your mouth. And for Christmas they have come up with something amazing, you’ll have to try their Christmas gingerbread cookies. Delicious!

Find them at: Monterrey 225, Roma Norte.

El Encanto de Lola’s Cobbler 

This San Angel restaurant has become famous for its original, nostalgic and delicious recipes. Nothing like a spaghetti sandwich or a Chocotorro milkshake, they are a real treat. This Christmas they have a special eggnog milkshake with vanilla, whiskey and nuts that is decorated it with Christmas candy canes. But that’s not all; its true protagonist is the cobbler. A butter pancake with lemon zest that can be made of bitter chocolate, raspberry, M & M’s or blueberry. The best of all? You can make an advance order and bring your own container so they make it there and you can heat it in your own oven when you have company.

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Find it in: Amargura 14, Col. San Ángel. Order at: 55 508429

Pan-tástica rosemary and lemon cookies

An auteur bakery that gives every recipe it’s own touch. Everything you try here has an unexpected and flavorful twist like matcha chocolates or chocolate chip cookies. It is also one of the few places where you can find stroop waffles that are filled with honey. At Christmas they have cookies covered with a rosemary and lemon glaze, a super fresh and original option to take to any Christmas dinner or enjoy while you drink your morning coffee.

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Find them at: Río Danubio 63, Col. Cuauhtémoc.

Catamundi Christmas doughnuts

Right in the heart of Polanquito you will find Catamundi; a restaurant, bakery and shop that has a bit of everything. It is a wonderful place to eat and you can find delicious things at its store that you can use to put together a gourmet dinner. Their bread is exceptional, they have maple donuts with bacon, matcha ‘conchas’, mole bread and even bacon covered with chocolate. This Christmas their seasonal donuts are worth every penny. There come in three different flavors decorated with divine Christmas motifs: chocolate with Christmas sweets, ginger and white chocolate stuffed with raspberries. You definitely have to try them! At their store you can also find Christmas products to give as gifts such as: kits to make hot chocolate, boxes of ‘alfajores’ cookies and Christmas baskets.

Find them at: Alejandro Dumas 97, Col. Polanco.

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