A perfect plan for enjoying a fun afternoon in the CDMX as a child

The experiences we have with children close to us remind us of how great childhood was. We know that the years have become slightly more complicated. However, we have the advantage of being able to decide how much our environment affects us.

Sometimes we just need to take a break and find the little moments that fill us with energy. Bringing Children’s Day as a reference, we at FlowSuites want to provide you with a couple of suggestions to go out and enjoy what the city has to offer, with the hope of making you remember your childhood.

To start with a rush of fun, we have an extremely tempting proposal. How long has it been since you’ve been to an amusement park? Surely, many of your dates as a teenager happened at places like Six Flags. And lest you had no idea, this park has reopened its doors with all the sanitary measures, which means you don’t have to worry. Six Flags offers an excellent opportunity to feel the adrenaline again and eat something delicious outdoors.

If you are more of an introvert and prefer to be in the company of just a couple of friends, we offer an entirely different experience. Do you know what an escape room is? Escape rooms are interactive rooms where you must solve a mystery to open the room. We suggest you try the ones at Enigma Room, located in the Roma neighborhood. There are all kinds of themes: Jurassic, medieval, space, and even horror. The idea is that you go with a group of friends and solve the clues to get out in time. It is an excellent game for adults and youngsters.

El Universal

Another cultural attraction that we love is the city’s Chinatown. The restaurants, colors, and outdoor activities will surely entertain you. The stores are full of accessories inspired by Asian culture, and there are even cute desserts in the shape of animals and cartoon characters. We encourage you to go out and experience other customs besides our own.

Finally, we believe that this activity will be perfect for you to enjoy in company with others.

If you want to feel like a kid again, we suggest you visit the adult section of Kidzania. This place is known as “the city of children” and has all kinds of activities such as theater, pizza cooking or a dance floor. However, they also offer an “adult night,” where you and your companions can go and have fun while doing the same activities. Dare to do something new and enjoy all that this didactic world has to offer.