What we can do to have a safe vacation this summer

Collecting experiences is one of our favorite things. Memories become stories that we can tell our
family and friends the next time we meet at a gathering, and although we don’t have to go very far to start an adventure, we do feel that we need to get out there a bit lately.

We have the rest of the summer to find a little ray of sunshine, but with the isolation still upon us, we may feel that it is getting a bit complicated. Today we will share a couple of safe options to vacation in and out of the city that we find ideal, affordable, and that follow all the hygiene rules. It is your opportunity to take a break from the home office and give yourself a moment of peace and happiness.

An Airbnb on the outskirts of the city

With gasoline and groceries for the weekend, renting a cabin in Morelos or Hidalgo is an excellent option to save money and spend a few days in the pool without any worries. You can devise the plan with four or five friends and split the expenses so you can save more money. Airbnb homes are an excellent option to be
safe since they are cleaned frequently, and you do not need any contact with the outside world because you have all the comforts —TV room, garden, and even jacuzzi— inside the house. Also, it is a perfect time to be alone with your couple.


Looking for something cheaper? Then it would be best if you tried camping in a natural park or forest near the city. You will only have to spend on gas and some travel expenses to have a perfect night. You can even make your campfire and bring a guitar to set the mood for the evening. The best thing is that such places tend to be sparsely crowded, and contact with others would be minimal, so it’s a pretty safe and fun option for taking pictures.

A hotel to explore the city 

Finally, we have a plan for you to change your perspective on the city a little bit. We are talking about renting a hotel room in your favorite area for one night. We assure you that the experience will change your perspective of Mexico and make you feel like a foreigner in your city. Everything will be different, from the bed to the view and the services. We suggest exploring La Condesa and its beautiful parks with your partner or a companion. This option is ideal for pampering yourself for a moment and letting others do the cleaning and cooking for you. Our favorite place would be the FlowSuites Hotel since it borders on our favorite spots in the area.