Re-exploring the urban planning of Mexico City

Our city is nostalgic for music and long walks in the streets in search of something new to do. Little by little, life outdoors is coming back, and even if we must keep on taking care of ourselves, there are a couple of alternatives for those days when one feels overwhelmed by the eternal confinement.  We discovered that some open spaces are again available for bike rides or just sitting and reading in the sunshine, so we want to share them with you in case you want to rediscover the city.

Chapultepec Forest

The first section of the forest can be the ideal space to disconnect from everything that has been happening to us in the last few months. The park opened its doors at the beginning of July for sports activities, such as hiking and biking; in fact, it is the ideal place for meditating in the middle of the forest or taking a book and coffee if you find yourself a little stressed out. It is an excellent option to take a breath of fresh air and feel the grass under your skin, accompanied by a friend, dog, or partner. If you do not have a place to stay, we suggest you stay in Polanco, as it is only a 15-minute walk from the forest.

A roof bar in Condesa

In case you do not know much about this area, Condesa has stood out incredibly for its musical and cultural offerings, but not only that, but it also has the most beautiful buildings in all of Mexico. Its houses and restaurants, for the most part, maintain a vintage and ancient style that has made anyone who has visited our city fall in love with it. Although most of the establishments are closed for the moment, we have found that there are open terraces, ideal for going out for a drink and enjoying good company. We suggest you stay in FlowSuites Condesa if you are visiting the city and walking along Amsterdam Avenue, which takes you to two of its best parks.

Back to Downtown

Even though the beloved stores are closed for the moment, we will never say no to a walk around Madero, Bellas Artes, and the Zócalo. The center keeps the Aztec and Spanish magic with it, which is reflected in its beautiful buildings with Art Deco finishes and the magnificent ruins. The sounds begin to resurface again with the organ grinders and the music on Bolivar Street, which we recommend you experience firsthand with a walk through its streets and legends; it’s even a good time to take pictures because of the few people you meet now. Following the security measures, this place is perfect for contemplating the distinctive features and history of our Mexico closely.

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