¡Explore the city! Enjoy the best weather the city has to offer, aboard Capital Bus.

Little by little, life is coming back to life outdoors, which is why we would like to share with you the best option to do it safely.

Capital Bus offers several circuits for exploring the city with all the hygiene and safety measures. Besides, you can find a stop near every FlowSuites hotel.
By booking with us, you can purchase any of the following options at a special price.

City Tour Bracelet all day

Hop on/Hop off
Valid for 24 hours. Offers four established routes and stops.

This bracelet can give you access to all four of the circuits ,and you can get on and off at any of the established stops.

  • Downtown-Polanco Circuit 

This circuit provides a panoramic view of the Zocalo. You will drive along Paseo de la Reforma Avenue and admire our Angel of Independence and La Diana Cazadora, as well as the majestic buildings. We will visit part of the Condesa, Roma and Polanco neighborhoods, where you can find the Soumaya museum, all on the same circuit.

  • Reforma-Santa Fe Circuit

Visit the main commercial and business areas of Mexico City. Travel from the Angel of Independence to Santa Fe, where you will find the largest shopping mall in Latin America (Centro Comercial Santa Fe), which has several stores, movie theaters, an ice rink, restaurants and more.

Included in this circuit is a visit to Los Pinos, which was home to 14 presidents and has been a cultural site since December 1, 2018, welcoming all those who wish to tour its walkways and art galleries, and enjoy its architecture and cultural events. (Access to this venue may be restricted because of the pandemic).

  • Temples Circuit

Visit Garibaldi, the Tequila Mezcal Museum, and the main temples around Mexico City, such as the Basilica of Guadalupe and the San Judas Tadeo Church.

  • Downtown-South Circuit

Visit the magical neighborhood of Coyoacan and walk through its streets full of mysticism, where you will find the Blue House where the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo lived. Don’t forget to visit the churrerias and cafes that characterize this place.

* FlowSuites Condesa is a Capital Bus stop.

Capital Bus Ticket (Top Tour)

One way non-stop, only one route can be chosen.
We recommend this option if you wish to tour only one circuit.

These are tours of a fixed duration where you will have the opportunity to tour the city following the rules of safe social distancing in sanitized buses. Only certain stops allow people to get off for a few moments to take pictures.

The routes to choose from are:

  • Downtown-Polanco Neighborhood

In this tour you will visit the Soumaya Museum, one of the most representative architectural sites of the city, and the Cibeles fountain. You will have 30 minutes in each of these attractions, to get off, explore and capture your experiences.

Departures from the Zocalo in the following schedule: 9:15hrs, 12:35hrs y 15:50hrs.
Departures subject to minimum number of passengers: 14:25hrs and 19:00hrs*.

*Last departure without stops.

  • Downtown-South (Coyoacan)

The tour starts at the Zócalo and continues to Coyoacán, where you will have 30 minutes to walk around the town center. The next stop will be San Angel, where you will have 20 minutes to take a short pedestrian tour. Finally, you will arrive at the Cibeles fountain.

Departures from the Zocalo in the following schedule: 9:45hrs, 13:00hrs y 16:00hrs.
*Last departure 19:00hrs without stops.

  • Downtown-Basilica de Guadalupe (Only available on Saturdays and Sundays)

You will start the tour at the Zócalo where you will be taken directly to the Basilica of Guadalupe, the sanctuary that houses the mantle with the impregnated image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. You will have one hour at this location and then return to our stop at the Zócalo.

Departures from the Zocalo in the following schedule: 9:00hrs, 12:00hrs y 15:00hrs. Only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

* All Top Tour routes depart from the Zócalo.

We recommend that you bring sunscreen and a hat for maximum protection, and above all, plenty of enthusiasm to experience the Capital!