Online documentaries and movies that you can watch at home with a glass of wine.

We are in the home stretch of the year, in our last week of work and want to relax a bit. However, with thousands of options on each platform, we often find ourselves overwhelmed and

We prepared our list of favorites for you to enjoy this cold season, with a fine glass of wine and a couple of snacks in the warmth of your home.

Yesterday I Was Wonder

The Mexican cinema we know is only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to cult films, there are thousands of options that, although not very well known, have the best photography and script. This film by Gabriel Mariño is a story of drama and science fiction that, in its black and white shades, explores what it is like to be in a constantly changing skin. The film tells the story of a nameless being in Mexico City, who changes his body and sex every few years without explanation. This “fantastic reality” will make it difficult for him to be with Luisa, the woman he loves.

Fuente: Cine premiere

Intimacies of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo

Yulene Olaizola’s debut film has Rosa Carbajal, the filmmaker’s grandmother, as the main narrator. In this story, Rosa tells us about a past where her guest house was the scene of different characters with mysteries and talents, among them Jorge Riosse, a young man with whom she forged a close friendship.

Amidst the web that is woven around this character, some situations with Rosa will reveal different clues that will lead to the conclusion that he murdered a dozen women.

Fuente: moreliafilmfest

Portrait of a Woman on Fire

This year, much was said about this beautiful film by Céline Sciamma. In her eagerness to show all the feminine sensations and qualities, she created a story that became a romantic classic.

The film begins with Marianne’s arrival in an aristocratic house, where as a painter she receives an incredibly special commission: to portray Héloïse, who has just left the convent and is about to get married. This wedding portrait must be done without her knowing, so Marianne will investigate her daily, creating a bond that neither of them expected.

Street Food Latin America

Finally, we would like to recommend an ode to Latin American food. This series of mini documentaries starts from the most remote places in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia. These are not fancy restaurants, but markets and streets where people have seen the most incredible flavors born on our side of the world.

In these six chapters you will be able to see the history of their chefs, as well as the process that the food goes through before it is served. We recommend that you eat something while watching these episodes, as your mouth will water with each shot.