Do you enjoy drinking, learning, or sunbathing? Your weekend routine also speaks volumes about who you are. Some people believe that personalities are found in spaces, so finding a particular “type” of people in bars, museums, or restaurants is possible. Have you ever wondered what your personality type is? We have created a list that may prove helpful to find your lesser-known side; learn more about it below.

Museums in Mexico City

You are an incredibly romantic and sophisticated person. You constantly imagine yourself living in a time that is not your own. You enjoy visiting historical places every time you go on vacation. You have a unique intelligence, and you most likely charm anyone who meets you with some curious facts. If you are staying in Mexico City, our hotel in Condesa will be ideal for you. It is located in an elegant area with Porfirian-era architectural landmarks. 


You are a person who enjoys talking; you have a thousand stories you want to tell everyone, and you enjoy the little details. You have an old soul and surely enjoy old movies, as well as elegant places. Polanco will become one of your favorite areas the next time you visit the city, thanks to its coffee shops and bookstores.

Bars and restaurants

Your thing is to enjoy the company of your friends. You have a strong and extroverted personality and always end up being the life and soul of the party. You like to eat well and usually have one or more bottles of wine decorating your home. You love the nightlife, so every time you go on a trip you like to ask about the trendiest places. We believe that our hotels in Polanco and Condesa will suit you best as they are close to many trendy bars and restaurants.

A walk in the woods

You love road trips and taking artistic photographs. If you go on vacation, you always choose places with lots of nature and outdoor activities, indicating that you have a very centered and relaxed personality. You like to be with family and friends. Still, you are also a person who enjoys solitude, and you are not afraid to venture out into the world on your own; in fact, it gives you a better perspective on things.

A nightclub

You don’t have to be asked twice because you love to party until the sun comes up. Few people dare to enjoy life as much as you do, and your favorite place is likely to be on the dance floor. You are open-minded, dreamy, and daring. You love meeting new people, and you could even be said to have a flirtatious personality.

Which type of personality suits you best?