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Celebrations of Mexican national holidays and new traditions in every part of the country

Mexico is a land of contrasts with strong cultural and religious ties. Visitors who look around are rewarded with a constant parade of “Mexican Moments” that reveal both new and old Mexico. Mexicans like to celebrate, and the younger generations, in their quest to preserve traditions get a little creative to satisfy their festive needs.

As we are already in September and some of us are vaccinated, some of us have come up with ideas to make this celebration different. It seems that the word “different” is still in our system, mainly because we all know that we are still in the process of adaptation. That being so, what’s new for Independence Day? Many young people will take advantage of the long holiday weekend to go out of town. Some visit their relatives and others organize a get-together and a party that could last up to three days. Now, we all know that Mexicans enjoy celebrations. However, it is true that, unlike older people, young people prefer to spend September 15 with friends… and not so much with their families.

Nevertheless, the pride of being Mexican does not seem to disappear. New generations may not be as excited about learning to prepare elaborate dishes such as pozole. Still, they do carry with them an identity that makes them proud. For example, Mexican-themed tattoos have become increasingly popular, such as lottery cards, a Frida Kahlo painting, or even Huichol art designs. We are talking about unconventional traditions that also express a deep love for Mexico.

One thing we have also noticed is that many people prefer practicality. Instead of cooking for hours and preparing drinks, people are better off going to restaurants that offer the same atmosphere. Some establishments even hire mariachis for a few evening hours. Either way, everyone will have a great time singing Luis Miguel or Juan Gabriel’s classics. The best part is, these activities also save on cleanup.

Finally, something that is not so new but is becoming more popular is the meetings in bars and terraces, such as the one we have at FlowSuites Condesa. We can adjust it to perfection for you to enjoy the open space with a seasonal cocktail. If you are one of those who prefer meetings with more intimate people, this is the perfect option for you. Contact us to personalize your event.